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Cancellation of Unit Offering Procedures

Parent Policy

Cancellation of unit offering policy

Cancellation of scheduled unit offerings

1. The decision to cancel a unit must be made with the approval of the Dean (or delegate).  The deadline for cancelling a unit offering and notifying students of the cancellation should be at least one week prior to the commencement of teaching of that unit. 

2. Once the decision has been made to cancel a unit offering, students enrolled in that unit must be notified via their University e-mail account of the reason for the cancellation.  The email must also advise students of alternative arrangements, such as undertaking the unit in an alternate mode or at a different campus, or enrolling in an alternative unit.

3. Where the cancellation of a unit offering is necessary due to:

  • i. unforeseeable circumstances, such as the death or serious illness of a staff member needed to teach, the faculty must make every effort to recruit alternative teaching staff with the relevant expertise.
  • ii. insufficient enrolments, the Chief Examiner must determine whether it is possible to deliver the unit offering in an alternative delivery mode (eg, online, distance education). If changes to the learning activities or assessment regime are required to achieve this, the Chief Examiner must seek approval from the Dean (or delegate) as a unit amendment.

4. The unit owning faculty will make the required changes regarding the cancelled unit offering on the student management system.


Dean (or delegate)
Faculty Manager

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