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Cancellation of Units Procedures

Parent Policy

Cancellation of Units Policy

Where a Faculty finds it cannot teach an advertised coursework unit it must act in the manner described below to cancel the unit or units concerned.

1. Information for students on the circumstances in which a unit may be cancelled and the methods by which students will be notified must include the statement that students will normally be given at least one week's notice of a cancellation.

2. Where the delivery of a unit is threatened by unforeseeable circumstances such as the death or serious illness of the staff member(s) needed to teach it, the faculty must make every effort to recruit alternative teaching staff with the relevant expertise to deliver the unit as advertised.

3. Where cancellation of a unit might be necessary due to insufficient enrolments, the Chief Examiner (title may vary) must determine whether it is possible to deliver the unit with reduced contact hours.  Any the reduction in contact hours must have no negative implications for the teaching and learning effectiveness of the unit.  If varying contact hours is possible, the Unit Leader must seek approval from the Dean as a unit amendment. The Dean (or delegate) must record any change to unit structure from that published in the University Handbook.   

Students must be informed in writing of any variation to the unit description published in the University Handbook, and any such amendment, even if temporary, must be noted in the Education Committee Biannual Report Pro-forma.       

4. Students must be informed if a unit cancelled at one campus or in one mode of delivery is offered at another campus or in an alternative mode on that semester.

5. Course core units must be offered at least once each academic year.  If a core unit is cancelled in one semester in any academic year, it must be offered in another semester. 

6. Where a unit is an elective that is required in order for students to obtain professional accreditation, an alternative elective must be offered that will not disadvantage students in obtaining professional accreditation.

7. The decision to cancel a unit must be made with the approval of the Dean. 

The deadline for cancelling a unit will normally be one week prior to the commencement of teaching of that unit.  Best practice is for the decision to cancel to be made more than one week before teaching is due to start.

8. Once the decision has been made to cancel a unit, students enrolled in that unit must be notified via their University e-mail account of the cancellation and the reason for the cancellation.  Faculties may also elect to notify students by hardcopy letter.  The deadline for notifying students will normally be one week prior to the commencement of teaching of that unit.  The Faculty will also post notification of cancellation on its student administration notice board.

9. The faculty that owns the unit will automatically discontinue all students from the cancelled unit on Callista and will remove the offering option pattern from Callista.

10. In the notice of cancellation to students, the Faculty must ask students to enrol in an alternative unit, and inform students of the procedure by which to do so.  Where possible should make resources available to advise students on appropriate alternatives.



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